Thinking off selling your house? Why not buy yourself a lodge, and start living the dream

Lodges start from £125,350 12 month Residential

Customers are selling their homes and buying Lodges, wondering why?

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Book your viewing today with steven@kingdomparkhomes.co.uk or call on 07908 241756. Due to all Homes going quickly we are advising that if you come and pick a plot then put a holding deposit down, That way when it comes you won’t be disappointed if someone else has beaten you. Your holding deposit is fully refundable should you not like the unit or simply changed your mind.

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To us, ownership is about so much more than simply buying a second home in a beautiful location. It is a way of life that we want you to enjoy and benefit from; right from the moment you first dream of buying a holiday home, through to finding the right location, to choosing your perfect lodge or holiday home and then every time you come to stay.

I am passionate about providing my owners with a truly first-class experience, exceptional customer service, beautifully presented park, facilities you’d expect from first-class destinations and, of course, a lifestyle that allows you to really enjoy and benefit from your free time.


Owning your own second holiday home or lodge allows you to take charge of your downtime, at any time of the year, whenever and as often as you please. Our beautiful park is open for a full 12 months, so you can visit at any time of the year and can live here.

Whether it’s for a quick weekend break, a well-earned family holiday, or even for a longer stay, second home ownership gives you the complete freedom to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life whenever you choose. You can forget about passports, booking months in advance, flight delays, seasonal price-hikes, check-in and check-out times; simply arrive, turn the key and relax.


Your Ownership Lifestyle is all about getting the most from your leisure time. Whether you enjoy busy days, lazy days, golf days, beach days, Sunday morning lie-ins, or dinners out… it’s your time and you can fill it however you choose.

Spending quality time with your friends and family in your own holiday home creates memories that last. And you’ll discover what it means to be part of our ownership community and benefit from all that a second home can offer.

Benefits of Ownership

Owning your very own static holiday home, or luxury lodge, is like owning your very own home-from-home, but with lots of added benefits that you simply do not get with a traditional second home. The difference is that we take care of all the things that you would normally have to do yourself during your precious time-off, such as cutting the grass, leaving you free to enjoy more of what matters to you.

Our holiday homes are all beautifully appointed, spacious and very comfortable. All come complete and ready to enjoy with sumptuous furniture, fully fitted kitchens, domestic appliances, well-appointed bath and shower rooms, and stunning bedrooms. You can even design your very own lodge bespoke.

Financial Benefits

We know that you’ll want to spend as much time as you can in your new holiday home. However, we are also fully aware that there will be times when you’re simply not able to.

We have Christelle Managed Subletting Service is very easy to arrange, flexible and hassle-free as Christelle will take care of absolutely everything on your behalf. And letting your holiday home may even mean that you are able to make your second homework for you and not cost you a penny!


Your pet is very much part of your family and we know how difficult and costly it can be to have to make arrangements to leave your dog, or cat when you want to take a break. Our Park is pet-friendly, you can forget about the stress and expense of rehoming your furry friend while you’re away – just bring him or her with you!

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