Holiday Homes for Sale in Scotland

At Kingdom Park Homes, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of residential and holiday homes for sale in Scotland.

At Kingdom Park Homes, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of residential and holiday homes for sale in Scotland. Located amid stunning scenery in the Scottish countryside of Lanark, our range of properties are perfect for those seeking a place to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We have many options available depending on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a permanent home, or you’d like to buy a holiday home in Scotland, we can provide the perfect setting. Our properties are designed with quality and comfort in mind, allowing you to enjoy the scenery without sacrificing any of the modern luxuries that make life so easy.

If you have any questions about the properties we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our experienced team is on hand to answer any queries you may have and provide expert advice on choosing the right property for your needs.

Put simply, Kingdom Park Homes offers something for everyone looking for a place to call home in Scotland. We are passionate about creating an idyllic life in the countryside, and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

At Kingdom Park Homes, we believe that everyone deserves a place to call home. Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, we offer something special and unique every time. Come visit us today to see what we have to offer!

Finance Options That Are Flexible & Tailored To Your Needs

At Kingdom Park Homes, our holiday homes in Scotland are not just stunning, but also financially attainable. We understand that buying a home is a significant investment, hence, we offer a variety of finance options to help you realise your dream of owning a beautiful holiday home in the Scottish countryside. The best part? No mortgage is needed! This means you can breathe easy knowing that obtaining your dream holiday home does not have to be a financially straining process.

All our finance options are designed to be flexible and tailored to your needs, allowing you to secure a home in our beautiful park without the stress of hefty financial commitments. Kingdom Park Homes is all about making home ownership simple, affordable, and enjoyable. Come explore our range of beautiful holiday homes for sale and discover the ease of our finance options today.

The Expansion

Kingdom Park Homes will see an expansion of the park and introduce an additional 230 homes. We strive to continually enhance our community, and this development will create a diverse range of new residential and holiday homes, further enriching the options we have available for sale in Scotland.

In addition to the new homes, we are proud to reveal plans for a brand new leisure facility. This facility is designed to add a new dimension to our park, offering residents and holidaymakers an opportunity to indulge in various recreational activities without leaving the comfort of our grounds.

This expansion is a testament to our commitment to creating the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and nature for our residents. With this new phase, Kingdom Park Homes is set to redefine the concept of countryside living in Scotland. We look forward to welcoming you to explore our new additions and experience the enriching lifestyle offered at Kingdom Park Homes.


Nestled in close proximity to Kingdom Park Homes, Lanark is a Scottish gem, boasting a myriad of scenic landscapes that inspire peace and tranquillity. This picturesque countryside area is a haven for lovers of nature and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The rolling hills, blanketed in lush greenery, offer breathtaking panoramic views, while the serene waters of the River Clyde meander through the countryside, adding a captivating charm to this Scottish idyll.

Birdsong fills the air, as the local wildlife thrives in this unspoilt environment. The nearby New Lanark, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its beautifully restored 18th-century cotton mill buildings, stands as a testament to Scotland’s rich historical past. The magnificent Falls of Clyde, a short journey away, offer a spectacle of cascading waters that is sure to delight every visitor. Truly, Lanark provides a perfect backdrop to Kingdom Park Homes, encapsulating the alluring beauty of Scotland’s countryside.

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Come along to our open weekend to see our stunning range of residential and holiday homes.

May 30, 2024
Experience the Blissful Serenity of Holiday Homes in Scotland

Scotland undoubtedly is one of the most enchanting holiday destinations in the world, offering breathtaking views of natural scenery, incredible culture, and history that goes back centuries.

January 25, 2024
Come to Our Open Weekend

Come along to our open weekend to see our stunning range of residential and holiday homes.

Discover the serene beauty of our community, where exceptional living meets the charm of the Scottish countryside.
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